This is where we draw the line


He threatens us with walls and challenges our national identity with his divisive platform. He leads a full-blown assault on our democracy, using ignorance and incompetence as his most effective arms against the very rights which are the pillars of the American nationality. He has lit the match that will set the integrity of the world’s highest office aflame if we don’t decide to stand up.

He continues to ignore us. He’s deaf to our voices, and blind to our protests, even when we are perfectly clear in our demands; We demand that he address a crumbling infrastructure, bring back decent paying jobs, repair a broken and battered middle class, look out for our less fortunate, stand up to the billionaires who control our economy and our politics, and work harder for our minorities.

We’ve been loud; with our words and with our actions, yet he still neglects us. This is where we draw the line. We draw the line at this absolute barrage on everything that progressive America stands for. In the name of American decency and character, we must stand up to his wholly bigoted and careless brand of discriminatory politics by saying “no” to the Senate GOP Healthcare Bill.


It’s Time


We won’t give an inch when it comes to the quality care and protection of our loved ones. We will not let them slash Medicaid expansion because of the beacon of hope that it’s become; lighting the immense darkness of poverty for many of our fellow Americans. The Senate Healthcare Bill would extinguish that light completely, making a wasteland of their optimism. When it comes to our minorities, our poor, our disabled, our ill and our elderly, we won’t give an inch.

Now is the time to stand up. Stand with the millions of Americans who benefited from the ACA. Stand up for Medicaid, and for the millions of children and disabled who depend on it. Now is our opportunity to rally. Now is our chance to unify- in opposition the Senate GOP Healthcare Bill. We will unite, not only as liberals, progressives, or democrats, but as Americans who love and care for their families, friends, and neighbors.


I’m writing this for the same reason Senators are speaking up (Democratic and Republican alike), thousands of American citizens are protesting, and thousands more are reaching out to their representatives with pleas. I’m writing this as a call to action. It’s time to unite in resistance to the most unthinkably cruel of proposals. Reach out to your representative. Call your local Senators. Demand that they vote in your best interest. Demand that they stand up for your inalienable right to quality healthcare, regardless of your background, income, or age. Demand that they vote NO on the Senate version of the healthcare bill.


It doesn’t matter where you come from, how much money you make or how old you are; you have a fundamental human right to quality healthcare. Every American has the right to the peace of mind in knowing that no matter what the future holds for their health, America won’t let them or their loved ones down. Let your voices be heard, and do everything you can to prevent this bill from reaching the President’s desk. Don’t give an inch on your basic human rights.


It’s time to stand up for America and demand that our outcries aren’t stifled.


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