It’s been months since I’ve posted last, but I am finally making this post to give you an update, and to talk some about the direction I plan on taking this site.

I regret not setting aside enough time to post any in the past couple months, but I do believe that the time away gave me a chance build on my ideas and better understand how I can help to spread progressivism and empower the American youth. Now that all of the time-consuming activities of the school year (AP testing, sports, and grades to name a few) are coming to an end for summer, I’ll be spending much more of my time writing and working on taking the site and my ideas to where I think that they would be most impactful; which is the reason for this post.

As it relates to changes to the site, I plan on taking a more personal approach to all of my posts, hopefully allowing us to create an open community out of Optimistic American. I want to establish an accepting environment of political enthusiasts who encourage open debate, and embody the most ambitious goals for politics in America. Optimistic American will become a platform and a meeting place for idealistic Americans with lofty goals for reform. It can be the springboard that activists all over the country use to push for change in profound new ways. Optimistic American is a reliable community that preaches love, rejects hate, supports its members and gives a voice to progressives across the nation.

Along with this, I will be working on various new projects to help advance the progressive agenda and inspire change where it’s needed most. I am going to spend more time getting involved with local issues and using those opportunities to spread progressive ideals and advocate for more progressive policy. These projects will start right here in Dallas, Texas, and will hopefully eventually touch lives everywhere.

At the moment, these “various new projects”, will include reaching out to politicians, legislators, and community leaders with our concerns on local policy, and presenting to them our proposals for progressive reform. It will mean working on ways to raise awareness, getting others more involved, and targeting specific issues that are in desperate need of progressive change, locally and beyond. Lastly, this site, on a national level, consists of an outspoken alignment and cooperation with “the resistance” against President Trump, his administration, and the bigoted, fearmongering, untruthful brand of ruthless politics that he has created.

All of these changes to Optimistic American are in their earliest stages, but will soon become a reality. For the changes to be possible though, I’ll need all the support I can get, so if you are interested in helping to empower progressivism and inspire change nationally, you can contact me via the website for more information. I’m open to new ideas, and all help is welcome and appreciated.

Expect more content and many more updates as to where Optimistic American is headed.


Progressivism is the future. We must stick to our ideals, and never fail to hold our representatives to the highest moral standards.




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