President Trump Signing Executive Orders.

Unlawful. Unconstitutional. Inhumane. Where do I even start with President Trump’s executive action, which bans immigration from 7 Muslim majority countries? This order is yet another example of the hate-filled islamophobia that poisons Mr. Trump’s ability to make sound foreign policy decisions. His actions will only further divide us, and contribute discouraging the vast diversity that already makes America incredibly great. Below, I have listed a few of the most serious issues with this executive action.

  1. Refugees from these countries are fleeing for a reason. They are leaving to escape religious persecution, and the unstable nature of their homes. These families seek safety. We cannot not deny them that pursuit.
  2. People hold visas for very specific reasons, whether it’s for a specific job, family, or for school. Denying them access into the country will essentially put their lives on hold, and deny them of their legal right to be in America.
  3. Since 1975, terrorists from any of these 7 countries are responsible for a grand total of zero deaths on American soil. Zero. It would seem as if “radical Islamic terrorism” here in America is not as copious, or as potent as we might have thought.
  4. The language of this law is ambiguous, and self-contradictory at times. Many law experts have already come out to say that some of the specifics, and important distinctions, are difficult to discern within the law. Examples of this include whether or not green card holders and dual-citizens are to be granted admission to the country.
  5. The order poorly targets terrorism. Had the law been in place for the last half century, the ban on immigration from these 7 countries would have prevented zero terrorism-related deaths. The law was created to prevent terrorism, but according to statistics like the one above, it won’t do that job at all.

This only scratches the surface of the numerous problems with President Trump’s halt on immigration. As we have seen, families have already been torn apart, dreams stifled, and pain inflicted. For the people in Muslim majority countries who are in fear for their lives, and who search refuge from the horrors of war and persecution, this order has stomped out the only spark of hope they had left. All of those men, women and children are human, no different than us. And we all have a right to the basic freedoms of life that America guarantees. Our borders should absolutely be secure, and national security always comes first. But this does not mean turning children away, and sending them back home to the death and destruction they ran from. It doesn’t mean denying a mother her right to see her children, or not giving someone the access to the healthcare they need because they weren’t born within our borders. America is the beacon and utopia they flee to, and President Trump does not have the authority to deny them their right to freedom, safety, and prosperity, simply because of their birthplace.

  1. Billy Joel 2 years ago

    Personally, I do not agree with this posting. Here is why:
    While I do not like the idea of Trump freezing the entry for those trying to get into the country from middle eastern countries, I must agree that there is a problem in just letting people in from those areas who are likely to be potential threats. I think that we should at least put it all on hold until we find a solution to isolating those who are real threats to our national security and then we can filter them out and reopen our borders. I do realize that blocking our borders does go against what the constitution says this country is about (specifically that we should be a non-discriminatory state). However what would you rather? Pausing ANY chance of letting a threat into our country until we find the answer to this convoluted situation or keeping our borders open and having to dedicate some of our resources to stopping any potential terrorist threat. I personally do not want the latter. In closing our borders, temporarily, I believe that we can have peace of mind in knowing that we can isolate the threats that are already within our country and then we can focus on eliminating threats which are coming into the country.

    Thank you for reading my opinion. I much do hope this situation is solved.

    • Author
      Bryant Young 2 years ago

      Thank you for replying to the post, all feedback is much appreciated. I do agree that we must work to create a more secure system for filtering out threats, but I believe to do this we must determine where the real threat lies, and it’s not within our biases and prejudices. It’s not with Muslims. We need to fight terrorism within our borders, because that’s where it is most prominent. Even with the ban in place, every terrorist attack on US soil that had resulted in 1 or more fatalities in the last 50 years would have happened anyway. Because they were all permanent or temporary legal US residents. When accepting immigrants and refugees, I believe we should be cautious but not ignorant, and absolutely not discriminatory. I do think the system is imperfect, and national security should always come first. But I do not gain any peace of mind with an indefinite ban on all Muslim immigration. Again, your response is appreciated. Best wishes

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