As you know, my first post on the site was sent out to various representatives and public servants. In this letter, I addressed the issues of police brutality on minorities and the implicit biases that damage our culture. This turned out to be with little success, until recently. I received a letter in the mail, sent from the white house. As anyone would be, I was curious, and slightly confused. What would the white house need to send to a 16-year-old in Texas? Inside the envelope, was a reply, personally sent and signed by former president, Barack Obama. This came as an absolute shock at first, especially with him being someone I think so highly of, and someone who had been a driving force in sparking my passion for politics, and eventually in creating the site. His idealism inspired me, and this is one of the many reasons I am extremely grateful to have received this response. The president sent a response as a reply to my letter. In it, he thanked me for writing, and covered the issues I had addressed him with. He outlined the actions his administration had taken to combat implicit bias, and ensure a safe community and environment for all citizens, of all backgrounds. Obama spoke to his undying faith in America, and to his deep passion for making the nation better for everyone. He concluded, “We may not solve every problem or tear down every barrier of mistrust overnight, but by working together and addressing our challenges in the open space of democracy, we can bring about a future in which all of our children know their lives matter.”

Considering the awesome responsibilities that come with holding the highest office on the planet, it is quite an honor to have received a response from The White House on such a consequential issue. It not only gratifies me, but it renews my faith in our democracy. A personal response from The White House is an incredible testament to our democratic system. We live in a country which grants all citizens the rights to freedom of speech and press. Citizens have the capability to reach out to public servants, and discuss the policy that is going to be affecting their lives. For this, I am not only thankful, but also extremely proud. I am proud to be one of the 315 million people who boasts the stars and the stripes, and I am incredibly proud to be an optimistic American. Thank you Barack Obama, and thank you to every last voice who makes our America greater than it’s ever been.


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