Donald Trump Protest

Speechless. This is one of the few words capable of aptly portraying some of the emotions that we all were experiencing Tuesday. For some of us it may have been disappointment or despondence, others relief, or even joy. Despite which you identify with, this election’s outcome was undoubtedly shocking and completely unexpected. Nevertheless, as president Barrack Obama remarked, “The sun will rise in the morning.” An impact was felt globally though, and as it became clearer that Donald J. Trump would be our president-elect, markets plummeted, and nations around the world were outspoken in their concerns. Protests erupted shortly following the conclusion of the election, and the calling of our 2016 president-elect, and they continue to persist, as the majority is not satisfied or optimistic about the next presidency.The implications of any president being elected are always monumental, but now more than ever. This election season has left our parties and democratic process wounded. A campaign fueled and driven by hate, division and bigotry, has won the presidency. These past two years have reminded us just how divided America has become, and not only by party, but by status. Americans have split, because of their largely differing opinions, which stem from differing experience. The working class of America feels neglected. They feel, more than ever, that the system is working to their demise and in the hands of the wealthy and privileged. These middle and working class Americans are the backbone of our economy. They are the foundation of our social systems, and they are not satisfied. This is where we found ourselves in 2016, and the majority was tired of putting up with the status quo, so they boldly challenged it. Trump voters did not vote for bigotry, misogyny and divisiveness, they voted in spite of it. They voted for change. They voted against politics, and they were heard.

Donald Trump spoke to these Americans who feel left out in our broken system that perpetually lifts the higher class by allowing them to stand on everyone below them. He spoke to these people, and dedicated his campaign to assuring restoration and promising to stand up, and give them a voice. This is how Donald Trump was able to appeal to enough people to secure the presidency. Americans desperately needed a voice, because the current system was simply not good enough.

Now, as long as these people are heard, and a President Trump fights for their rights, we will be content. But what will not answer to the cries of desperate Americans, is the tactics of fear, hate, divisiveness and bigotry that he led his campaign on. We will not settle for a divided America under our next president, and we will not be content with division and fear among women, children and minorities. We will not be satisfied, and as long as this country lives, we will fight. We will fight for those who are overlooked and for those who are rejected and opposed because of their heritage, background, religion, race, sexual orientation or gender. We must stand up, not as democrats or republicans, liberals or conservatives, but as Americans. America is a country that was founded and built from the ground up by the idea of an entire nation being able to enjoy the basic rights of freedom. Whether it is in speech, choice of religion or choice of marriage. Whether it is our right to healthcare or women’s basic reproductive rights. These are our rights, and when it comes to these, we cannot, and will not, budge. For every child who is fearful that their parents will be removed from their home, or every woman afraid of losing their rights, for women in the workplace, for hard-working families living in poverty, and for every happily married couple, we will stand up. We will stand up as a government and as a population. When things appear to go wrong, Americans will do what is right. In the end, justice and equality will always prevail. That is one fact that I am sure of.

 This is the reason I am writing this. To remind everyone, that even when our nation appears divided or appears weak, we are still the greatest on earth, and out of the goodness of our core values as a country, we will remain hopeful, and we will fight.




Photo Attribution:  By Fibonacci Blue from Minnesota, USA (Protest against Donald Trump) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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